The embryology laboratory of “Father, Mother and Baby” ivf treatment center is provided with the equipment of high expert and research class:

  • ventilation system with sterile air supply;
  • laser system for safe conducting of assisted hatching and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD);
  • hydraulic and pneumatic micromanipulators;
  • the latest embryo video selection system allows the embryologist to assess the growth and development of embryos without removing them from the incubator, which significantly reduces the fluctuations in environmental conditions of cultivation, and, based on the detailed development chronology, to select for embryo with the greatest potential for implantation and consequently increase the chance of pregnancy;
  • Special program, which does the synchronization between reproductologists and embryology laboratory.

The embryology laboratory work is carried out by expert embryologists that always achieve well-planned results by ivf treatment.

ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a medical technology, allowing you to enter the spermatozoon in the egg and enable fertilization and embryo collection.

The method ICSI by IVF treatment was first used by Belgian scientists in 1992. Using this method we can solve many problems associated with male infertility factors: bad morphological characteristics of sperm, its impaired mobility, low sperm count in the ejaculate and other conditions when the natural penetration of the sperm into the egg is broken or impossible.

The essence of the procedure ICSI by ivf treatment that is performed by the embryologist is that under a microscope the most morphologically appropriate sperm is selected, the microinstrument removes its tail and then using the microscopic tools sperm is injected into an egg through its shell.

Embryos, which were obtained using this method do not differ from those obtained in self-fertilized oocytes. Indications to use the ICSI in IVF are determined by an andrologist and reproductologist after the partners’ medical examination.

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