IVF in Natural Cycle

In natural cycle IVF, the one egg released during a normal monthly cycle is collected and fertilised. No fertility drugs are used in this treatment.

It happens in case of infertility, which requires the use of assisted reproductive technologies and,IVF in particular, that superovulation stimulation by infertility treatment is contraindicated. It may concern women with moderate or normal number of follicles, women of young age, but with an extremely high risk of complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Some patients, who have elevated levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and low ovarian reserve (reduced number of follicles in the ovaries), are also not recommended to go through ivf superovulation with large doses of medication. The solution for these groups of women is the so-called minimal stimulation IVF, when low doses of medication are used and 1-2-3 eggs are obtained, or IVF without the use of drugs to stimulate ovulation, i.e. natural cycle IVF.

The current approaches to monitoring and careful management of these patient groups and embryology progress during the IVF procedure allow us to obtain embryos for transfer from a small number of oocytes. According to statistics, the effectiveness of IVF programs with minimal stimulation at three attempts reaches 30%, at 6 attempts — 40%, which is a decent result. Undoubtedly, IVF in the natural cycle requires a doctor to be a high-class professional and a patient to be determined and believe in success.

We provide natural cycle IVF treatment with high success rates.

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