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The development and widespread use of reproductive technologies allowed for the happiness of becoming parents to millions of couples.

However, there are still cases when using partners’ own eggs or sperm is impossible. For example, when a woman’s ovaries prematurely stopped functioning, or the patient or her husband suffered from radiation therapy or chemotherapy after oncological or other diseases, or in case of ovaries’ (women) or testicles’ (men) removal, or spermatogenesis disrupt up to the complete absence of sperm.

Single women, who are planning pregnancy, often resort to the use of donor sperm. In some hereditary diseases one cannot use their own eggs or partners’ sperm.
In these and other cases, a couple or a single woman may use donor eggs or sperm, and become happy parents.

The sampling, storage and use of donor eggs and sperm are carried out in compliance with all legal and ethical aspects and donor anonymity is strictly protected. In Russia eggs and sperm donation are legal by the law and anonymous.

When it’s necessary to use donor eggs or oocytes, reproductologists use oocyte donors databases and sperm bank. The selection of a donor is carried out taking into account many parameters: race, eyes color, hair, and the like. All donors — of oocytes as well as sperm — undergo a thorough examination, should have their own healthy children and must not have hereditary diseases, HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. All the donors for sperm and eggs donation are thoroughly examined and have proven fertility.
Thanks to the technique of sperm donation and egg donation the problem of infertility is now solved in many groups of patients who have never been able to have their own children before.

In our infertility treatment clinic we have our own donor eggs and sperm bank. We do both types of cycles with fresh donor eggs or frozen donated eggs.

To find out more information about egg donation and sperm donation in our clinic, please contact our consultant/doctor via e-mail: sveta-z@hotmail.com

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