Cryopreservation Cycles

The frozen embryo transfer can be carried out in a natural or stimulated cycle.

If you have previously frozen your egg/embryo at the «Father, Mother and Baby” clinic or in any other infertility treatment clinic, the facilities of our center allow for carrying out the frozen embryo transfer.

What does a cryopreservation protocol include?


The examination in case of the presence of frozen embryos/oocytes is held in a natural or stimulated cycle.
It includes transvaginal ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics (blood tests), which determine the best time to transfer the embryo into the uterus.


For freezing embryos and eggs our clinic uses the vitrification method to avoid damaging the genetic material and the cells quality. Thawing after storage is conducted in our embryo unit and is also absolutely secure.

Often to improve the performance of cryopreservation protocol with frozen embryo transfer and increase the pregnancy likelihood the laser hatching procedure is held: using a high-precision laser the incisions are applied on the embryo shell, which increases the likelihood of implantating the embryo into the uterus.

Embryo transfer

When the patient is ready, a short procedure of the embryo transfer into the uterus is implemented. One or two embryos are normally transferred depending on the patient’s individual characteristics and preferences. After some time pregnancy diagnostics is held. The embryos not involved in the program can be stored in our cryobank.

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