Artificial Insemination

Almost every married couple wants to have children. The long-awaited pregnancy is happiness for future parents. But it sometimes happens that conceiving does not occur for some reasons. In this case, after the examination of the spouses’ reproductive system, a gynecologist together with an andrologist recommend them to use the procedure of artificial insemination.

The artificial insemination (IUI) is one of the reproductive technology methods that consists of inserting husband or donor’s semen into the woman’s vagina in the operating room and does not involve a sexual intercourse. In this case the entire sperm, not only part of, like in the natural process, gets to the uterus os.
Thus the probability of conception increases many times. This method (IUI) of fertilization is effective if the sperm contains live motile sperm. In order to get pregnant successfully, a woman should be healthy and able to conceive a child.

The infertility treatment clinic «Father, Mother and Baby» performs artificial insemination (IUI) using the husband’s sperm as well as the donor’s sperm with biomaterial from the clinic’s own cryobank.

The artificial Insemination (IUI) can be performed in a natural cycle as well as in the pre-stimulating ovulation, which is much more efficient.
An obligatory prerequisite for preparing the artificial insemination is the preparation of sperm that is processed in a certain way before the introduction into the uterus, creating an environment of the most suitable semen for fertilization.

The artificial insemination (IUI) is performed when male infertility is diagnosed and if it is determined that the cervical mucus in women is not produced, or of poor quality, or reasons of female infertility are unknown.
In the «Father, Mother and Baby» clinic insemination is performed both by husband’s sperm or donor’s sperm.

The donation sperm programmes can be used when:

  1. a woman has no sexual partner;
  2. a husband has azoospermia (absence of sperm);
  3. there are serious viral infections (AIDS);
  4. the quality of sperm is low, but the couple does not want to resort to other methods of fertilization;
  5. there are hereditary diseases that can be transmitted to the child.

All the information on woman’s artificial insemination (IUI) and the identity of the donor is a medical secret that cannot be transferred to any third parties. Sperm donors can be healthy men aged 20-40 years. The absence of diseases is imperative. To donate sperm, a man must go through a medical examination.

The artificial insemination can be implemented in our clinic «Father, Mother and Baby.» The procedure is performed by a highly qualified reproductologist with the participation of an embryologist, who is responsible for preparing sperm.

To hold the procedure it’s necessary to sign a formal contract with the clinic. If a woman is married, a formal agreement of the wife and husband is necessary to carry out insemination.

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